Project description

Creating offers

Our application allows the creation of offers, filling in the general data of the offer, adding and modifying the products on the offer, deleting the products on the offer and reorganizing products on the offer by drag & drop them within the same category.

Offer cloning

Our application allows cloning of offers: starting from an existing offer you can create a new offer that automatically imports some or all of the products from the initial offer. Subsequently, you can delete products from the new offer, add new products as well as modify all quantities and values.

Generating the final Offer report

After saving the offer, the application offers you the possibility to automatically generate a report in PDF format (which you can list or later send by email to your customers) as well as to save the offer report with a new name specified by you.


What would it be like to try something new and different? It is an application specially designed for creating Offers (for your customers). Intuitive and easy to use, it allows you to create and centralize records of all offers!

Crearea si administrarea ofertelor
Generarea raportului de oferta in format .PDF
Evidenta centralizata a ofertelor
Clonarea ofertelor
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