Who are we

IMAWO Inc is your trusted partner for informatization of your business. A client oriented company in which every function and employee is focused on meeting customers' expressed and latent needs. Essentially, the needs and wants of the customer are valued over the needs of the business.
Complete services for computerizing your business. Software development on-demand, native Windows and Android applications, professional websites, online stores and specialized IT consulting. It's all about focusing on helping our customers meet their goals.
Our results speak for themselves! Custom made software for business, professional website and online shops.

Free analysis of your business requirements

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What defines us

We are a customer-oriented company for fast and efficient solving of your business requirements.

Professionalism and dedication

The professionalism, the vision for the optimal solutions and the quality of the services offered by us are supported both by the team’s qualification and by our continuous development. In short, we are good at what we do. We are dedicated to every project, we have the right solutions for any problem and we make our clients happy.

Modern technologies

We use industry-leading software technologies (programming languages, frameworks, development environments) and all our applications, professional websites and online shops are developed on the basis of modern concepts of graphic design and user interaction.

Complete and complex solutions for business

We offer complete solutions for informatization your business. Custom business software developed on demand, mobile applications (Android), professional websites, online shops and specialized IT consulting.

What do we offer

Custom software for your business

Custom software applications, developed on demand for the specifics of your business. Do you need a software application? We build it!

Android applications and mobile development

Need an applications for Android?

We can connect your mobile phone to your business software!

Professional websites and online stores

Professional websites for presenting your company’s business or products, with ultra-modern visual design and perfect scalability on both PC / laptop and tablet / smartphone. Complete and complex, easy of use online stores.

Social Media Consulting

Professional consultancy services for creating and maintaining business pages on Facebook / Instagram and LinkedIn.

IT Software Consulting

Specialized IT consultancy. Operating systems (Windows / MacOS / Linux) installation and configuration. Software installation and configuration. Backup. Configuring Cloud accounts.

IT Hardware Consulting

Consultancy for the purchase of workstations, laptops, tablets, smartphones, servers, and infrastructure equipments.

Ovidiu Muntean

Founder, CEO

This is what I can promise you:
Premium quality. Premium services. Fully satisfied customers.

We are leading the way towards competitive custom made software applications for your business and professional IT solutions.

IMAWO INC is a company that has significant scope for future growth. Inspired by our customers and motivated by our competition, we will strive daily to exhaustively provide value for your business.


How we work

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Requirements analysis

Direct discussions with the client in which we define together what are your needs and what software solutions & consulting services do you need.

Project planning

Establishing the final objective, the intermediate steps and defining the execution terms.
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Development strategy

The technologies that will be used are established, the system architecture is conceived and the teams that will participate in the project implementation are defined.

Development and Testing

This is where the magic is happening. Effective development and implementation, strictly respecting the client’s requirements defined in the analysis project. Internal testing and simulation of the production environment.

Delivering to the customer

Delivery of the final product to the client, training at the client’s premises and provision of subsequent maintenance services.