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Need a software for your business?
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Welcome to IMAWO INC, your software company

High quality software. Custom made. For you!

High quality software. Custom made.

Need a software for your business?

Got a question about our services?

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

Software development on demand for your business. Like a suit. Tailored for you.

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State of the art software applications

Best price available

Software for Windows, Android and iOS

Our software is written using state of the art technologies and programming languages.

Tailored for your business needs

Our software is built from scratch for you, like a tailored business suit. Expect nothing but excellency.

Reasonable price

The investment in our software is an investment in your company. Software made for your profit. Nothing less.

Our software, your profit!

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

Custom software development for your business. Expect nothing but excellence.

Need a software for your business?
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Team members and partners

Ovidiu Muntean
Ovidiu Muntean
Founder, Software Architect
Lacramioara Vidru
Lacramioara Vidru
Digital Copywriter


Analysis of your requirements

So You want a software for your busines. In this case we will bother you with some boring meetings to better understand all those business requirements and the flow. If we come at your site, we do hope you got some great coffee…


Development and techy stuff

We do here those things that for some unknown reason, our developers are crazy about. Software architecture, programming, databases, Cloud and other fancy words I personally don’t know anything about…


We give you the software. Finally.

We take the software we just built, install it in your company and then watch you tremble with happiness. This is also the moment when we will take your money :)

Frequently asked questions.

Got a few questions about what we do? Look no further!

What we are best at?2021-07-21T13:44:26+03:00

Developing and implementing custom made business software applications

What about websites?2021-07-21T13:45:28+03:00

For sure! We also develop and design premium presentation websites for you and your business.

Can you do mobile apps too?2021-07-21T13:46:27+03:00

Of course! We are specialized also in development of fast, high quality native Android and iOS applications.

What is IT Consultancy?2021-07-21T13:47:13+03:00

You need to talk with an expert? No matter what the problem is, if is IT related, look no further.

Are the analysis free?2021-07-21T13:48:25+03:00

The analysis of the business requirements for the software we will develop for you is free but only for our clients, those who contract us further for the development of the software. Otherwise the analysis is available for all our clients but for an hour fee.


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